It all started when...

Best friends since the day they met in 2000, Shane and Robert live their lives miles apart, but share a common sense of outlook... the more you explore, the better perspective on life you will have.  In 2011, the pair met up in Peru to climb Machu Picchu and cross one more feat from their bucket list.  It was on this journey when the friends realized that the gift of traveling is not just a notch on the belt, but instead it's a lesson that can not be taught in a classroom or found in a text book.  The value of experiencing a different culture and navigating unfamiliar territories is beyond measurable and something that instills a sense of self and creates a deeper understanding of this great big beautiful world we live in.  

As they sat atop Machu Picchu, they knew they wanted to share these lessons and this feeling with others.  Thinking of those not as fortunate to be able to take such trips, they vowed to do what they could to help young people see the world.